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2003 Marcin Kurzyna
Krzesło www.antik-service.com Zegar

Our furniture and antique renovation studio has been in the market for over 20 years. We offer services in antique furniture conservation and renovation:

  • decorative art,
  • frames for mirrors and pictures,
  • wooden and polychrome sculpture,
  • gilding,
  • repairs of antique clock casings (in cooperation with repair service of clock-works).

We make copies of pieces of furniture at individual requests, and carry out other untypical orders.

Andrzej Walczyński - the studio owner: I am a certified Conservator of artistic objects and works or art, with specialisation in conservation of furniture.

I have been working in my own studio for over 20 years. Earlier, I had worked in the Decorative Art Conservation Workshop of the State-owned Antique Conservation Enterprise in Warsaw, and at the Academy of Arts in Warsaw - at the Painting and Polychrome Sculpture Department.